Dear Friends:

Thank you for inquiring about Tri-State Christian School. Our school exists for the express purpose of partnering with parents to educate students from a biblical worldview for excellence in lifelong learning and Christ-like character. While we are a private school, we are a Christian school first and foremost, which means our Christian worldview touches every aspect of school life at Tri-State Christian School.

While we do enjoy many advantages such as smaller class sizes and fewer discipline problems, the real benefit of a Tri-State Christian School education is our commitment to the Christian worldview and to the value of biblically integrating all core subjects. This means that since all truth is God’s truth, we train students to see the relevance of the biblical worldview for all areas of life.

In addition, all teachers and staff are committed Christians who love the Lord and desire to serve Him in a Christian school ministry. Furthermore, students attend daily Bible classes, weekly chapel services, and annual spiritual retreats (7th – 12th grade students). Our commitment to the Christian worldview even extends to our athletic programs in which our students are taught to play hard for His glory, not their own.  We desire to partner with evangelical families and churches in the biblical training of children. While an education at Tri-State Christian School is not for everyone, it is often ideal for those families who are committed to the Christian education of their children.

I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the ministry of Tri-State Christian School.

For His Glory,

Dr. Tad Nuce, Principal